12 Moving Tips for Families From A West Palm Moving Company

Moving is an involved venture that can often feel overwhelming, but Family Movers Express, a West Palm Moving Company, has some valuable moving tips that will make your transition easier.

12 Moving Tips From the Experts

1. Little-Used Items

For most families, life doesn’t slow down because of an impending move. Any little thing that can help you get a head start will be a big help down the road. Go ahead and start packing items that you want to take with you, even if you don’t use them a lot. You can easily store them in the garage until time to move.

2. Checklists

Your checklist is your friend. Be sure to make a list of important items and do a final sweep to make sure that everything is included. You may even want to get the kids involved by having them help you with a checklist for their belongings. This will help them feel invested in the project.

3. Purging

This is the perfect time to get rid of anything you don’t want, or you won’t have room for in your new location. If the object has no sentimental value, ask yourself: when is the last time you used it? Also, look at the parameters for the place you are moving to for further guidance. For example, will you need a lawnmower, or are you moving into a community where the maintenance is taken care of by the landlord or a home owner’s association?

4. Important Documents

It’s always a good idea to be sure all your important documents are in one place, such as immunization records, birth certificates, and passports. If possible, make additional copies to have on hand.

5. Packing Materials

The most convenient and economical way to get the right packing materials is to get them from the moving company. Sure, you can try to get boxes from stores, but the size, shape, and quality of those boxes may be limited.

6. Level of Moving Services

Are you going to pack these all yourself and let the movers take the boxes, or do you want the movers to pack things for you? It’s very important that the company you’re working with has these options available.

7. Packing Children’s Rooms

Moving is a big step for anyone, and children may feel some stress over the move. That’s one reason why it’s important for them to feel as involved in the process as is reasonably possible. Therefore, it’s often best to pack their rooms last but unpack them first when you get to your new location.

8. Labeling

This is perhaps obvious, but it bears repeating. By labeling everything clearly, you’ll save a lot of time in the long run. It also enables you to better follow your checklist in order to ensure you have all the items you need. To add a sense of fun, you may even let your kids decorate their boxes with colorful stickers (as long as you can still see the label).

9. Moving Order

Does your moving company give you a choice of which rooms you’d like to load/unload first? They should. When deciding to move, make sure your preferences are known. After all, these are your belongings and memories, and they are precious to you.

10. Get Loaded

Make sure you go with a company that will load and unload the moving trucks. While it may often seem easy to get friends or relatives to help load the rental truck, in the overall picture, this actually takes much longer than it would if you used a professional moving company.

11. Children’s Toys

Sometimes, it may be better if you pack the toys when the children aren’t there, except, of course, for favorite items and toys that are used often. For this reason, you should not pack your child’s favorite blanket or stuffed animal. Instead, let them keep the item with them during the move–with you, of course, keeping a watchful eye on it to be sure it doesn’t get lost.

12. Babysitters

Whether you’re a working parent or a stay-at-home mom or dad, there are simply so many more things you can easily get done if someone else is watching your children. This will enable you to get some headway without feeling overwhelmed.

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