12 Tips For Picking a Durham Moving Company

Moving is a time-consuming, overwhelming job, and it’s important to be sure you select the best of all the Durham moving companies. At Family Movers Express of Durham, we care about what matters most to you. When you need to be sure your move goes smoothly, consider these  12 tips for picking a moving company.

12 Tips for Picking a Durham Moving Company

Moving your home means much more than moving your belongings; you’re moving memories and pieces of the best times you spent at your house or apartment. Don’t trust your job to just anyone. Trust it to proven movers who care about what’s most important to you.

1. Pick a Company That Is Insured

While all moving companies have to have insurance, you should ask questions about the extent of their liability, because the extent and quality of these insurance policies may vary. At Family Movers Express, we’re fully insured so that you’re fully protected.

2. Select a Company that Will Load and Unload Rental Trucks

Perhaps your friends have volunteered to help you pack up your belongings. While they may be true friends, they simply can’t pack with the efficiency and speed of those who have been in the moving business for decades. If the moving company offers to load and unload trucks for you, you should seriously consider hiring them!

3. Consider How Much Notice the Company Needs

If you have to start a job at the other end of the state, then it’s likely that your new employer wants you to start work as soon as possible. Some moving companies may require extensive notice, while others will be easily available if you need them sooner. Evaluate how soon you want to get to your new location and select a company that can move quickly.

4. Check References

Any reputable moving company will have a list of references for you. It’s also a good idea to check out their reviews on sites like Facebook and Google.

5. Do Not Pay a Deposit

Be wary of companies who ask for a large deposit before they deliver your belongings. Reputable companies like ours will have you pay upon delivery after you’ve checked that your things arrived unharmed at their new location.

6. Get a Walkthrough Estimate

Quality movers will provide a quick and accurate estimate after taking a walkthrough of your home or apartment. Be wary of groups that don’t want to give a price figure or don’t ask to see the site firsthand.

7. Ask About Extra Fees

You’ll often pay more to move from a third-story apartment than into a one-story one. Likewise, expect higher rates if you’re moving heavy items such as a piano versus other less complicated items. Often, movers will charge more depending upon the complexity of the situation, so it’s important to be sure to ask about these fees in order to avoid a surprise at the end of your move.

8. Make Sure They Do a Moving Inventory

The company should actually do a brief inventory when determining the bulk and weight of what they need to move.

9. Check for Complaints

The Better Business Bureau is a great resource to find out if there have been any complaints about the moving company you’re considering using. However, be aware that some unscrupulous companies change names frequently in order to keep people from knowing that they’ve been “dinged” for poor service.

10. Examine Their Customer Service

It’s a simple fact: First impressions count. If you’re having trouble getting the company to return calls, provide quotes, or get a representative to your home to do a walkthrough, consider that a red flag. After all, if you’re having difficulty dealing with them now, how do you think the company will behave during the move?

11. Evaluate the Level of Service Offered

Do you want to pack all the boxes yourself, or are you going to ask the movers to do it for you? Regardless, the moving company should have the manpower to make it happen if requested. If you plan on packing yourself, ask if the company will provide boxes, labels, packing tape, and other items. It’s important to understand all the levels of service offered and what you’re paying for as part of the move.

12. Consider How Long the Company Has Been in Business

Good reputations don’t happen overnight, and a company that has more than a decade of experience shows stability and reliability. At Family Movers Express, we’ve been in business for 15 years and have nothing to hide!

Choose the Best Among Durham Moving Companies

Family Movers Express offers several advantages over other Durham moving companies.  If you’re ready to make the right move, contact Family Movers Express of Durham today.

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