4 Qualities of the Best Long Distance Moving Companies

One of the most important factors when it comes to moving is how you’ll get all of your things from the old place to your new home, particularly if you’re moving far away to another state. A moving company can help to make the process smooth and stress-free, but you’ll have to choose experienced and motivated professionals. Let’s explore how you can make sure you hire the best long-distance moving companies. 

4 Qualities of the Best Long-Distance Moving Companies

1. Flexibility

Moving is stressful, and you never know what’s going to happen or what kinds of problems you may run into. You might plan to move on a certain day, but a last-minute problem with the new house could cause a delay. Or you could suddenly realize that you don’t have enough packing materials after all. And what happens if you booked a certain type of van, but realize that your belongings don’t all fit in it once it arrives?

These and other problems are why you’ll need to look for a moving company that’s very flexible and that can adapt to your individual needs. If you hire someone with lots of experience, it’s likely that they’ve encountered all of these issues before and will know how to handle them. Before booking, ask your moving company about their policies and how they can help you should any problems arise.

2. Easy Communication

Good communication is important throughout the process, not just when you are experiencing delays and issues. Fortunately, it’s usually easy to tell early on whether a certain company is good at communicating. Pay attention to how quickly your chosen movers respond when you contact them, and check that they are able to answer all of your questions competently.

Because moving companies are often working with many different businesses and individuals at the same time, you can’t expect an instant reply every time, but they should be able to get back to you within a few hours, or two business days at the latest. Doing so can ensure a smooth process that takes a lot of the stress out of your moving experience.

3. Reliable and Secure Service

It goes without saying that you’ll need a reliable company to do your moving. There’s nothing worse than having to wait for delayed movers or having them cancel on you on short notice. Before booking, check the reviews to make sure the firm you’re choosing is reputable and other people have had a great experience with them in the past.

It may also be a good idea to find out how they handle fragile items, especially if you are transporting a number of precious and breakable objects. At Family Movers Express, we are happy to pack up all your things, so you don’t have to deal with the hassle, and we will always wrap up special items carefully. Just let us know about anything that is especially valuable so that we can take excellent care of it.

4. Smooth Loading and Unloading

Depending on your needs, your company may only need to drive your things from one location to the next, or they might help you pack everything into boxes. In both cases, it’s important that the loading and unloading process is as smooth and easy as possible because this is where things could go wrong.

The best moving companies will speak to you before getting started to find out how to best pack and unpack. There is often a way to do this that will make the unloading much easier and facilitate getting all the boxes into the correct rooms. Your movers should be happy to discuss how you’d like your things loaded and follow your guidelines.

5. Extra Perks and Features

Flexibility, communication, reliability, and an easy loading and unloading process are the most important qualities when it comes to finding the best long-distance moving companies, but they will also offer some additional perks. For example, we allow free, climate-controlled storage for 30 days at no extra charge to you. This can help avoid additional costs if your move is delayed.

Because we are experienced and have worked with many different people, organizations, and types of customers, we can also help you to organize your move more easily. To do this, we provide checklists and help you to make sure you haven’t forgotten anything.

Finding a great moving company isn’t hard if you know what to look for. When considering which movers to use, keep flexibility, reliability, easy communication, and a smooth loading and unloading process in mind. You might also benefit from extra perks such as free storage or help with organization. Get in touch with us at Family Movers Express to find out how we can make your long-distance move easier.