5 Tips for Packing and Moving Furniture Cross Country

Moving to a different state can be an exciting venture, especially if you’re well prepared and organized. The easiest way to move to Raleigh, NC, Miami, FL, Orlando, FL, or Ft Lauderdale, FL is to hire experienced and competent long-distance movers. Today, let’s explore some tips for moving furniture and getting settled in at your new location.

5 Tips for Packing and Moving Furniture Out Of State

1. Make a Detailed Plan Early On 

Moving all of your things for hundreds or even thousands of miles is an enormous task, and you’ll need to set up a solid plan as soon as you know that the move is happening. Start by writing down every task that needs to be completed, then allocate them to the different people in your household. You can also start to think about when each one should be completed and which tasks can be taken on by your movers. 

Once you’ve set up a viable list of tasks and shared it with everyone involved in the venture, you’ll need to work to stay on schedule. Put everything you have to get done into your calendar, so you’ll know that it’s coming up. Some of your tasks, such as setting up the utilities or enrolling your children in their new school, might be time-sensitive, so sticking to your plan is key.

2. Get All Your Documents in Order and Take Stock of Your Things

One of the tasks you’ll have to work through on your own is updating all of your contact information. You could start with the most important documents, such as your driver’s license and passport, then work your way down the list. Contact the banks you use, any subscriptions you have, and all of your friends and family members, so everyone knows about the change in address. 

To make the move as stress-free as possible, you can take this moment to consider what you no longer need in your life. This might include any subscriptions or accounts that are superfluous as well as items that you no longer need. Take stock of everything you own, and then sell, donate, or throw away anything that no longer brings value to your life. This is especially effective if it includes large pieces of furniture, as they can be a hassle to move.

3. Think About How You’ll Arrange Your New Home

Your movers can help you to load your items in a way that makes unpacking easy, for example, room by room. For this reason, knowing how you’d like to arrange your furniture in your new home is key. Once you’ve decided which items you’ll be keeping, think about the layout of your new home and how you would like to furnish it. 
If your house is small, you might be able to simply do this in your head, but if you’re moving to a place with many different rooms, it could be beneficial to draw a diagram. This can be a fun activity to complete with the whole family, who will undoubtedly want to be involved in the decision-making l. 

4. Plan for Your Arrival 

When you’ve packed up your belongings at the old place and double-checked that nothing has been left behind, you will most likely take your own vehicle to drive to your new place. Depending on the length of the trip, your movers might be able to join you on the same day, or you might have to wait for them to arrive a few days later. Make sure you keep the most important belongings on you and have a plan for the first few days after your move. 

Additionally, you should be clear on how the logistics of your move will work and where the van can park. While this is easy in some locations, finding a suitable parking space can be a challenge in many places. If you’re worried about how this will work, speak to your movers, and they can make some suggestions such as parking further away and bringing a smaller shuttle.

5. Hire Competent Long-Distance Movers Local to Raleigh, NC, Miami, FL, Orlando, FL, or Ft Lauderdale, FL

When it comes to moving successfully, the kind of help you enlist is key. Choose a highly experienced, competent moving company that will serve you and your family well. Before you book, check that the movers have experience with long-distance trips. The best companies will also allow you to customize your experience by choosing whether you’d like to have a comprehensive service or simply some help with the actual move. 

Moving furniture across the country doesn’t have to be difficult if you have access to great long-distance movers. Get in touch with us at Family Movers Express to find out more about what services we offer. We will be delighted to learn more about your situation and how we can help you with your big move.