6 Ways Your Move Just Goes Better When You Hire Local Movers

If you’re moving to a different house or office in the same city or state, your move will be much easier and less stressful than a long-distance move. But for a smooth transition, you’ll want to put your move in the hands of trusted local movers who will make sure your property smoothly moves from one location to the next. We’re Family Movers Express, a company of moving professionals with offices in both North Carolina and Florida, offering fast and safe service for your local move.

6 Ways Your Move Just Goes Better When You Hire Local Movers

1. We’ll Help You Start Early

When you call us, you’ll get an estimate of your costs and pick from our menu of services so you can begin planning with the big things resolved. Once you have your parameters set, you can begin packing and stick to your schedule. Just let us take care of the big details like arranging transportation and plotting out a route. We’re happy to show you the truck we’ll be moving your belongings in, making it easier for you to plan for space.

2. We Offer Packing Services

One of the biggest tasks of any move, local or long-distance, is packing up your home or office for transport. This can be long and tedious work that we’re happy to take off your hands for the big jobs. Our moving professionals know how to pack your important belongings like furniture, mattresses, and appliances to ensure they arrive safely.

For smaller items with sentimental value or fragile essentials, we recommend you keep a separate bag for easy transport and immediate use at your new home or office. Any food, drink, or hygiene products should be included here.

3. We Make It Easier for Kids and Pets

If there’s one thing that can delay planning for a move, it’s little kids and pets underfoot. Not only does this make it difficult to pack smoothly, but moving large objects with kids or pets around can be dangerous. When you work with a local moving company, you’re free to keep your kids and pets occupied while we do the hard work.

With the large boxes in our trucks during the move, you’ll be free to keep an eye on what’s most important while we focus on the rest.

4. We Offer Guaranteed Delivery in Real-Time

Our drivers have made hundreds of deliveries in the Raleigh-Durham and Orlando area, and we know the streets of these cities like few companies. We know a smooth arrival at your new residence is a priority, and you won’t have to worry about your belongings getting lost when they’re with us. Many of our clients like to drive alongside our trucks, following us to their destination so they can supervise both the loading and unloading of their belongings.

For local moves, we can guarantee same-day delivery of your belongings in almost all circumstances. If you want some belongings stored until you’re set up, we offer free thirty-day storage for large items like furniture.

5. We Scout Ahead

We recommend checking your new home or office before moving in to make sure there is enough space for your belongings. This makes it easier to decide what you want to take with you and what excess stuff you want to offload before the big day. Once you’ve seen our truck, we’re happy to arrange a site visit to coordinate your plans for the best fit to accomplish your move in as few steps as possible.

6. We Know Local Laws

Pulling off a local move doesn’t have as many steps or regulations as moving between states, but most municipalities still have regulations on how to transport certain objects like outdoor furniture and flammable materials. Our professionals have pulled off hundreds of local moves and know how to get your goods packed safely and in compliance with all local regulations. By hiring our movers and packers, you’re preventing any unwanted surprises during inspection or unpacking.

Local Moves: Easier Than Ever With Our Professionals

Moving your home or office in the same city should be a fast, easy affair that lets you get back to business quickly. The best way to ensure a smooth transition is to partner with an experienced company of local movers. Contact Family Movers Express in the Raleigh-Durham or Orlando areas for more information on our services or to set up your move today.