7 Qualities of the Best Long Distance Moving Companies

Moving might make you want to tear your hair out. The months of planning a move are stressful and overwhelming, especially when planning a long-distance move. Lots of moving companies claim that they can ease this stress, but only the best long distance moving companies have qualities that will help you.

7 Qualities of the Best Long Distance Moving Companies

Moving companies seem to be everywhere when you are planning your move. Reviews can be helpful, but there are a few key qualities you should look for when deciding on the best moving company for your needs.

1. Experienced and Reliable

If a company has only existed for a year or two, they might not have the experience to handle a long-distance move. You should look for moving companies that are well-established with 10+ years of experience. Choosing a company that has reliably served its community for years is a safer and wiser choice than risking a newer business.

With experience under their belts, your moving company will run like a well-oiled machine, and you won’t be left with any doubts about the move.

2. Flexible

Another great quality to look for in long-distance movers is whether they are flexible or not. Some moving companies can be very rigid and strict. You have to book months in advance, and if you don’t follow that plan to the letter, they may bail on you without any chance to reschedule.

Flexibility means that the company understands that life doesn’t always play by the rules and cares about fitting your needs. Changing a moving date won’t put you months behind: instead, it can be a simple and easy workaround.

3. Lots of Services

The best moving companies offer a range of services to make sure you are getting your needs met. They may offer different services separately, such as packing up your home, providing packing supplies, loading your items, delivering it, or offering a moving checklist.

They may also offer these services in bundles so that you can find the right package for your budget and what you need. You should be aware of all the services your moving company provides.

4. Detailed and Willing to Commit

Bad moving companies will give you a vague, low-balled estimate that changes as soon as you sign the contract. Suddenly, your happy, cheap move blows up with hidden contract fees and extras you didn’t know about. A quality long-distance moving company will lay out their estimate with details and no hidden cost. They will work with you to find the right services and cost to make the choice right for your budget and your needs.

5. Cares About You

The best long distance moving companies care about you as a person. They won’t treat you like just another paycheck. Lots of moving companies and businesses are out there only to make money off of you.

They won’t be willing to work with you or treat you like a person. They aren’t understanding of life’s events. A great moving company puts you first. They will go the extra mile to make sure your needs and wants are met.

6. Offers Storage Services

One quality of a moving company that can be extra helpful if moving long-distance is having storage services. Some companies offer free storage with their bundles for a limited time. Some may offer paid storage for longer periods.

For long-distance moves, this can be important, since you may have waiting periods between moving out and moving in. You may need time to get your ducks in a row, making a storage service a life-saver.

7. Has Good Communication

Communication is key for any good business, but this is especially true for long-distance moving companies. Without good communication, you may feel overwhelmed, confused, and lost with the movers. Your things may arrive on the wrong date or be unpacked at the wrong place.

The company should also use polite professional language when working with you. If you feel they are condescending or rude, it might be time to look for another moving company.

Good moving companies don’t have to be difficult to find. If you compare companies to these seven qualities, you will soon be able to weed out the bad ones and settle on a company right for you. Call us at Family Movers Express, where we pride ourselves on our quality of service and our care for you. We’re flexible, easy to communicate with, experienced, and ready to help. Contact us today to discover how we can make your move a breeze.