9 Benefits of a Great Office Moving Company

Deadlines, organization, and productivity are all part and parcel of your business, and you need movers who live by the same professional standards. A great office moving company goes above and beyond. Only the best commercial movers have what it takes to transport your business without interrupting your workflow. Whether you are moving locally or to another state, Family Movers Express is there for you every step of the way.

9 Benefits of a Great Office Moving Company

Unlike residential moves, a miscommunication or a moving company-misstep doesn’t just result in spending the night in a hotel. You have important business to conduct, and there isn’t a moment to lose. Experienced commercial movers make all the difference in how efficiently the job gets done. Here’s what you can expect from Family Movers Express:

1. We’ll Pack and Wrap for You

Packing is the most time-consuming aspect of moving. Delegating this task to one of your employees takes time away from the work that needs doing. We offer dedicated packing, wrapping, and crating services to help your move go smoothly. We use only the highest quality packing material to ensure your delicate equipment, goods, electronics, and office furniture arrives at your new space unscathed.

2. Short Notice Is No Problem

In an ideal world, you could plan everything months in advance. That’s not the world we live in, and time pressure happens. Don’t panic if you have only a short time to find movers. As one of the leading commercial moving companies, we’re equipped to handle your move on short notice.

3. We’ll Load and Unload for You

A good moving company transports your office from point A to point B. Family Movers Express does the job right. Not only will we get your items to their new business locale, but we’ll load and unload everything for you. Handing the heavy-lifting to us gives you the peace of mind of knowing that everything will arrive safely with no liability at stake.

4. You Can Reach Us Every Day

We understand hectic schedules and that sometimes you won’t have time during the week to arrange your move. Family Movers Express is open seven days a week, so you can get in touch with us when it’s convenient for you. Our friendly and helpful staff assists you through the process and keeps you informed with all the details of your move.

5. Storage Options

One of the biggest stressors businesses encounter when relocating is finding storage solutions in between moves. We offer overnight storage options to keep your items safe and secure. Our secure storage facility is climate-controlled to keep everything safe and ready to use. If you need to store your items longer, we offer free 30-day storage for our clients.

6. Local and Long Distance Moves

Whether you are moving across town or across the country, we can help. We are pleased to offer local moves, full-service long distance moves, and long-distance intra-state moves to surrounding states. Intra-state moves include moving your business to states where we don’t have offices. If you want to South Carolina, Florida to Mississippi, or Miami to Boston, we can handle the job.

7. We’ve Got You Covered

When you’re adding a move on top of your daily workload, things are bound to get mixed up. You only have so many hands and so many hours in a day. Family Movers Express steps before things get chaotic. We offer tips for organizing your move, checklists to streamline the process, and we’ll even perform a final sweep of the space to make sure nothing is left behind.

8. We Serve the Major East Coast Cities 

Moving is tough enough, but with parking, traffic, and city ordinances, moving to or within a major city is beyond challenging. You need a moving company that knows the rules and how to load and unload your office with hiccups. We know our way around all the major cities on the East Coast and everywhere in between.

9. Reputation Is Everything

When looking for a commercial moving company, reputation matters. Moving your business means moving confidential information that you can’t trust with just anyone. We have over fifteen years of experience delivering unparalleled service that’s consistently reliable—and we have reviews to prove it. Don’t gamble with your office move; go with a company you can rely on.

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Moving a business is stressful, but a great office moving company eases your burden. We’ll lighten your load by planning, packing, and doing the heavy lifting so you can focus on your business. Contact us today at Family Movers Express to plan your commercial move.

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