Fort Lauderdale Moving Companies Reveal the 10 Best Moving “Life Hacks”

Moving can be as complicated as buying a house, but you can make your life easier with these 10 moving hacks we collected from Fort Lauderdale Moving Companies. Save some time and make your move more enjoyable with these time-saving and stress-reducing techniques.

10 Moving Life Hacks You Won’t Want to Miss

1. Create Your Budget

The price of moving can be shocking when you add the cost of packing supplies to the cost of the moving company. Make a budget ahead of time, so the moving company can work with you. Buy your packing supplies in advance, so you don’t reach your budget before you buy them. Larger items that you no longer need can be donated and picked up for free to save big on the cost of moving old furniture.

2. Minimize Wasted Space

If you load up a box with pots or cups, there is a large amount of wasted space inside of the pots and cups. You can use this space to hold small items like stationery and collectibles. Just be careful that you are not filling glass and ceramic cups with items that could break them. Putting small stuffed animals, figures, or erasers inside of cups should be safe and will maximize your space.

3. Eat Your Perishable Foods

When it comes time to move, whether you take your refrigerator with you, or leave it at the house, it should be empty and clean before you go. Plan your meals ahead of time, so you are left with minimal perishable foods on the day of moving. If your refrigerator is still well-stocked invite, some friends over for a meal or pack a cooler in the morning.

4. Use Softer Items To Cushion Fragile Items

Towels, linens, and t-shirts can make an excellent and environmentally friendly substitute for packing peanuts. You might consider mixing your bath towels with the fine dining plates just this once and save money on expensive bubble wrap and packing peanuts while you reduce the number of boxes needed to carry your towels, linens, and t-shirts.

5. Keep Your Clothes On Their Hangers

If you have clothes hanging in a wardrobe, you can save a large amount of time by leaving them hanging up. If the clothes are hanging in a closet, you can leave the hangers on the clothes and wrap them in a plastic garbage liner to keep them from getting dirty or damaged. You will save time when you move into your new home and only have to remove the plastic and hang the clothes.

6. Color Code Boxes by Room

Using different color markers or labels can help you identify where the box will go in the new home. Having five boxes simply marked clothes can get confusing in a house with five bedrooms, but if all the clothing and items for the master bedroom are marked with a red label, it is easy to move them to the correct room without opening the box.

7. Pack Heavy Items In a Trolley Suit Case

The heaviest items in your home may be too heavy for a standard box, but if you have a large suitcase with wheels, it can make moving heavy items easy. Bowling balls, free weights, and even textbooks can be wrapped and placed safely in a suitcase, so you are free to load up cardboard boxes with lighter items.

8. Record Box Contents With a Picture

Before you place items in a box, take a picture of the items laid out for identification. Save them on a mobile device or laptop with a label matching the box, so you can easily identify the contents of the box without opening them. This also prevents accidentally losing small or important items in storage and moving.

9. Take a Picture of Complicated Wires

Before you unplug your computer or sound system, take a picture of the wires so you can easily plug them back in the right way. This can save you time and aggravation if you are not tech-savvy.

10. Start With the Kitchen and Move Outward

When you get to your new home, unpack the kitchen first. If you have a cooler, place the items in your clean or new refrigerator. It is a good idea to start with the kitchen because it is most commonly the room with the most items, and if you stretch out your kitchen unpacking over a few days or weeks, you might lose things. Once the kitchen is finished, usually the most difficult part of the move is done, and you can take care of your next highest priorities.

Fort Lauderdale Moving Companies: Family Movers Express

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