How to Hire Local Movers and Save Big

Moving to a new home can be exciting, but the idea of packing up and relocating all of your possessions can be daunting. Hiring movers is an option, but this can also be expensive. There are, however, ways you can hire local movers and still save money on your next move.

Step 1: Get Bids From Local Movers

The most important step in saving money on your move is to contact moving companies and compare prices. Be wary, however, if you receive a quote that is far lower than all other companies. Everyone has heard horror stories of homeowners who have been given a fantastic price, only to find out after the move that additional charges have been added and they will not receive their belongings until the large bill is paid in full.

There are three kinds of estimates you can get:

Non-Binding Estimate

 A non-binding estimate is when a moving company gives you the estimated cost of moving your household, including weight and mileage. The cost could change, however, depending on the actual weight of moving your items.

Binding Estimate

A binding estimate is when a mover guarantees a fixed price for moving your belongings. When a customer agrees to a binding estimate, that is exactly the price they will pay. The mover will not be allowed to charge more if your items exceed the weight of the estimate, but the customer will also not be allowed to pay lower fees if their items weigh less.

Binding Not-to-Exceed Estimate

A binding not-to-exceed estimate (also called “guaranteed not-to-exceed”) is the most popular with customers, especially those who are making a long-distance move. If the weight of your belongings exceeds the original estimate, you will not be charged extra for your move. If, however, the shipment weighs less than estimated, you will save money by only have to pay for the actual shipping weight.

Step 2: Pack Before Your Movers Arrive

This seems like a logical step, but some homeowners wait until the last minute to begin packing. They may also underestimate how much stuff they actually have and how long it will take to pack it. 

Not being ready when the movers arrive can cause a big delay, turning what should have taken several hours into a day or more and potentially adding to your moving costs if the movers must help you pack.

Step 3: Schedule Your Move at Off-Peak Times

Summer months and weekends are the busiest times to move and are therefore more expensive. Moving companies are in the highest demand between May and September. 

Even though it may be less convenient for you and your family, it will be less expensive if you schedule your move away from peak times, such as on a Wednesday or during the late fall.

Step 4: Look for Boxes Instead of Buying Them

Purchasing moving boxes can get expensive. Instead, put out the word on social media and neighborhood sites to let people know you are looking for boxes. Most likely, someone will have just completed their own move or may have some boxes stored “just in case” that they will be happy to give you.

Another good option is to check with your local grocery or big box store. Often they will give you the boxes from manufacturers after the products are unpacked.

Step 5: Consider Purchasing Moving Insurance

When you hire reputable movers, they always strive to take the best care of your possessions while moving them to your new home. But unforeseen accidents may happen, whether it is with the items you pack or furniture shifting in the truck during your move.

Moving insurance is often a tough area to consider. If your move goes well, you may feel like you have wasted money. But if something does happen, whether it is your wedding china breaking or a deep scratch on your dining room table, you will save money when these items need to be repaired or replaced.

When it comes time to make that move, Family Movers Express are local movers who know how to save their customers money. A small local mover with resources that rival large moving companies, we can take care of everything from planning, packing, and loading while you concentrate on the other details of your move.

Whether you are moving across town or across the country, contact Family Movers Express to take the stress and uncertainty out of your relocation process.

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