Long Distance Movers: 9 Reasons to Pick a Company With Experience

You’ve decided to move, and as exciting as that is, you’re also starting to feel the stress. How will you safely move your belongings? Who is going to help you? Answers to these questions are available from long distance movers who can help you navigate this life-changing event. 

Long Distance Movers: 9 Reasons to Pick a Company With Experience

1. Staff Are Trained

When it comes to handling your valuables, you need a team with proper training. This ensures careful packing of fragile items, proper handling of electronics, and secure movement of appliances and furniture.

At your preference, we can pack and unpack your whole house. This full-service arrangement puts the responsibility in our hands to eliminate at least one of your worries. Our goal is to provide a smooth experience, and we do this in a safe, vigilant manner that cannot be replicated by those without experience.

2. Moving Knowledge

Experience lends itself to knowledge. This means understanding how to maneuver around sharp house corners, safeguard your belongings when going up and down stairs, and move valuables without fear of jostling or dropping them.

Knowledge also makes it easy to handle obstacles, such as lacking adequate packing materials. Last but not least, it allows us to quickly use techniques that, although simple in nature, substantially ease the process of moving. Placing sliders under heavy furniture, for instance, is second nature for our team members and protects the items you love.

3. Accountability to Customers

Running a professional organization means having insurance policies that safeguard team members and customers. Should damage come to any of your valuables, the onus for making that right is on the team you choose. But here’s an important point to remember: with proper training, the likelihood of items getting damaged or misplaced is low.

Friends and family members that you might ask to help won’t be licensed, insured, or bonded. Meaning if a piece of furniture or a favorite item gets lost or broken, you have no course of action to take.

4. The Right Equipment

You can get pads, boxes, and other materials from us for packing items in every room. We then go one step further and also provide checklists and organizing tips to help the move go as efficiently as possible.

On the big day, we arrive with equipment for almost every need, including dollies to ease heavy objects out the door. This eliminates the need for you to rent or purchase such equipment and incur additional costs.

5. Time Conscious

Time is of the essence when you choose to move, and we understand that. Professionals can quickly and effectively pack your belongings and load them onto the truck. It’s what we do every day. This allows you to avoid stressful physical labor and also give attention to tasks like:
  • Switching your address with the postal service
  • Arranging for utilities
  • Cleaning your old home
  • Prepping your new home

6. Simple Budgeting

It’s no secret that moving is expensive. We help you budget by providing a free quote for our services. We can also provide help in choosing the plan that is right for you. This allows you to identify exactly what you need, whether that’s storage (we provide it free for 30 days) or full-service solutions. 

7. Personalized Service

Moving can feel like a lonely experience, especially if the only help you seek is from friends who arrive on the day of the move. But professionals follow you throughout the process, from start to finish. Our personalized support can range from helping you pack to simply carrying your belongings.  

8. Attention to Details

Sometimes the small details are just as important as the big picture. On the day of your move, we can put the details at the forefront, including loading and unloading packages in the order you specify. We also do a final walk-through to ensure all of your items are packed and loaded. This kind of help only makes the day go more smoothly.

9. Less Chance of Injury

Moving items like sofas and refrigerators requires care. Regardless of your physical strength, you put yourself in harm’s way when trying to lift these items. Professional movers have the technical knowledge necessary to lift heavy objects without causing injury. This provides peace of mind and ensures everyone’s safety.

One of the best decisions you can make at this time is to hire a professional crew. From heavy lifting to logistics, we can help create a seamless experience. For a no-obligation quote, contact Family Movers Express today.

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