Long Distance Movers Share 6 Best Tips for the Big Move

They say moving is one of the most stressful experiences for a person or family, and that’s magnified when people are moving long-distance. But it doesn’t have to be that way when you partner with long-distance movers you can trust to take care of your things and give you a smooth landing in your new home. Family Movers Express in the Raleigh-Durham area is your one-stop solution for local and long-distance moving needs.

Long Distance Movers Share 6 Tips for the Big Move

1. Organize Your Belongings Before the Big Day

We’re happy to help with packing and loading your belongings, but only you know what belongs where and how you want it to be treated. Organizing your belongings in separate boxes makes it easier for you to coordinate with your mover about how things should be organized for the long haul ahead. When your goods arrive at their new home, it’ll be easier for you to open the most important items and get them set up without a search for the right box.

Any food or liquids you pack should be packed separately or kept in a personal bag. We pride ourselves on bringing items safely to their destination, but contents shift during travel, and fragile items should be given special care.

2. Inspect Outdoor Items

If you’re transporting playground sets, patio furniture, lawn ornaments, or any other items that spend their time in the yard, it’s important to take extra care. Insects, mold, and other outdoor organisms can hide in these items and spread to your indoor items when packed together. All outdoor items should be packed separately and thoroughly cleaned before packing.

Some states have regulations on the transport of outdoor furniture, so check the local laws of your new home before packing.

3. Create an Essentials Box

Not every item in your house should go with your movers because you’ll want easy access to the essential items during your trip and immediately upon arrival. These should include important personal documents, clothes, sleeping, and personal hygiene items, and any entertainment options you want easily accessible for you or the kids during the trip.

Whether you’re driving or flying to your new home, having easy access to these items in a box or bag will take the stress out of searching for them when you arrive.

4. Scout the New Home

If you’re moving long-distance, it’s essential to know the details of your new home before arrival to plan for your belongings. Even if you can’t make a visit in person to investigate an apartment or house, new technology makes it possible to see the details or the house through virtual tours. Knowing the footprint and layout of the building makes it easier to make those hard calls about which belongings make the trip and if anything gets left behind.

5. Understand Your Delivery Window

We believe in full transparency with our customers, and we pride ourselves in sticking to our delivery window. But anything can happen on the road, and clients who anticipate an early arrival for moving in can find themselves waiting for their things at an empty house. We recommend building in a cushion and taking the time to enjoy the move and see the area around you while traveling before settling in.

For customers working on a tight schedule, our long distance movers offer flexible delivery options to meet your needs.

6. Take Care of Business at Both Homes

The best way to have a smooth transition to your new home is to arrange for the essentials to be transferred long before you arrive. These include switching your postal address and contacting the postal service in your new state, setting up utilities and internet service at your new home, and terminating all services or transferring them to the new owner at your old home.

Flexible start dates can be arranged in advance, and arriving at your new home with everything working is a great ending to a long move.

The Big Move Is Coming: We Can Help

If you have a long-distance move coming up and want to put your belongings in the hands of a trusted and reliable team, look no further than us. We offer moves to as far north as Boston and as far south as Miami, so contact Family Movers Express for more information on our services or to set up your move today.