Movers in Miami Share 8 Secrets for Moving Cross-Country, Home Moves, or Office Moves

At Family Movers Express, we understand that every move is a big experience and you want it done right. We have the resources and experience to make your move seamless and easy, whether you are moving across town or across the country. We are the best Movers in Miami to get the work done.

Every move is different, and we understand this can naturally bring on stress as you try to navigate the waters. With the right movers and a little bit of organization, your move will be done in a snap.

8 Secrets for Moving Cross-County, Home Moves, or Office Moves from Movers in Miami

1. Start Right Away

Getting started is the hardest part of any move. Waiting until a few days before will leave you feeling stressed and overwhelmed. No matter how big or small your place is, there is often more to pack up than you may think. Starting early and having a plan can make the packing experience, and the whole move, go easier.

2. Do One Room

This is easy to do if you just need to move your office. But if you plan to move a whole apartment or home, that is a lot. Instead of hyperventilating about how you will get things done for a whole house, start with one room at a time.

Focus on one area of a room and do not mix items from different rooms into the same box. Pack all the boxes in a room and then leave them in that room until it is time to move.

3. Label Everything

Get a big Sharpie and label everything. This not only helps the movers in Miami know where to place the boxes in your new location, but it also helps you know what is in each box. Label in two places, on the top and the side of every box. Write a short description of the contents in the box and the name of the room where they belong. Consider different colors for each room to make it easier.

4. Personal Items and Valuables

You should personally be responsible for moving all jewelry, important papers, and documents. Put them off to the side so the movers do not pack them up. This makes it easier to grab the important items right when you need them. If you pack them up, it could take a few weeks before you see them again.

5. Handling Fragile Items

Bubble wrap and paper are useful for protecting your fragile items. Do not leave any spaces in the box. If there is room after adding the item, add in more paper to fill the empty spaces. Add a special label to let the movers know the items in that box are fragile.

6. Use Moving Boxes

You can use any box you want for moving, but boxes designed for moving are clean, sturdy, and can handle more weight. These moving boxes will keep your personal items protected no matter how far you need to move.

7. Find Good Parking

Think about where your movers will park. You want them to have a safe and close spot when loading up your items and when they get to your new location. The closer the movers can get to your front door, the less likely there will be accidents or problems. In big cities, consider getting a parking permit so the movers can get closer.

8. Take the Whole Day Off

Don’t try to take on too much the day of moving. Taking the day off from work makes it easier to be in control over the move. Trying to manage the move and other obligations can add more stress and worry to the big day. Relax a little bit and concentrate on just the move.

There is a lot that can go on during the moving day. You may have a few extra items to pack up. There is often lots of cleaning to finish before you close the door, and you will want to be with the movers to answer their questions, tell them any special instructions, and make sure they pack and load things correctly. It is easier to do all of this when you are present in the home with the movers.

Moving is a big deal. Having movers who know how to handle all types of moves and who can walk you through the process can be a lifesaver and will take the stress away. Contact us at Family Movers Express to learn how we can make your move a seamless experience today!

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