Moving Companies in Orlando Reveal the Top 3 Moving Mistakes Everyone Makes

First-time movers are often naïve about what it takes to move and can wind up in a nightmare situation. Too often, people who are relocating do not consider the time, cost, and organization it takes to execute a move. To save yourself inconvenience, money, and even potential loss of property, consider some tips from the top-notch moving companies in Orlando.

Why Hire a Moving Company?

It is tempting to think a DIY move is always better (or cheaper) than hiring movers, but that’s not always the case. DIY may not be the best choice if you have big, hard-to-maneuver items to transport. You risk damaging infrastructure, your property, or even worse, hurting yourself. So consider the risks versus the benefits before you haul your things from one dwelling to the next.

Different Types of Moving Companies in Orlando

The act of moving is an adventure of its own, and so is understanding the different types of moves. Some companies specialize in one type of moving service, while others offer multiple types of services. Consider how far you are traveling, your budget, and the extent of service you need when contacting a moving company. Here are some of the most popular types of moving companies:


If you want a stress-free move from start to finish, then consider using a full-service mover. A full-service company will do everything–packing, loading, transporting, and unloading. Though a full-service move is the most expensive, don’t rule it out. It will save you time, limit your stress, and protect your property. A good full-service mover will even allow you to choose specific services and reject others, tailoring the experience to your unique needs.


There are moving companies that only offer certain services. Popular service options include:

  • Loading and unloading
  • Packing
  • Pickup and delivery
  • Storage

Self-Service Move

A self-service move is not the same as a do-it-yourself move. With this type of move, the hired company will deliver a truck or a mobile storage to your home. You are responsible for packing and loading your belongings into the mobile device. The company will then transport your items to your destination, where you are responsible for unloading your things.

Interstate Move

An interstate move is when you move to another state. Most interstate moves are considered long-distance moves; however, moves within the same state that are 100 miles or more are also considered long-distance.

International Move

International moves, where you relocate to another country, are more involved than other types of moves. They require companies to adhere to global regulations and customs laws. There are many complex rules involved, so if you are moving out of the US, research companies that specialize in country-to-country relocations.

Top 3 Moving Mistakes Everyone Makes

Moving can be stressful and costly. Many people think that once they’ve hired a moving company, their worries are over, not realizing they could be in the eye of a storm. There are many factors to consider when selecting a moving company, and according to moving companies in Orlando, the following are three of the costliest mistakes people frequently make:

1. Not Researching the Company

Picking a moving company should be based on more than a quick Google search or selecting the cheapest company. No matter how big the company is, read customer reviews, get recommendations from your friends, and request quotes from multiple companies.

Don’t rule out a company just because they have complaints. A company with excellent customer service handles mishaps transparently and fairly. When you read reviews, check to see if the moving company responds to and takes care of customer issues.

2. Not Getting an Estimate

Moving is already stressful enough without unexpected expenses. While you may get an estimate over the phone or use a nifty tool on a mover’s website, you won’t know how much it costs until you discuss the details of your contract.

3. Not Reading the Fine Print

If you do not have any moving or contract experience, you may overlook reading the fine print of your service agreement. Don’t sign your contract without reviewing the details. Pay close attention to additional fees and whether the company has enough insurance, such as liability and workers’ compensation, to keep you and your belongings safe.

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