Moving Your Office? 6 Things You Need to Do Before the Office Movers Arrive

Moving an office isn’t the same as moving homes, but it’s no less important, and you must be able to hit the ground running. When you hire office movers, you’re putting your business life in the hands of professionals who will be handling electronics and important documents. To ensure your office move goes as smoothly as possible in the Raleigh-Durham or Orlando areas, Family Movers Express offers office moving services to ensure the switch to a new workspace is fast and easy.

Moving Your Office? 6 Things to Do Before the Office Movers Arrive

1. Inventory Your Office

The best way to create a smooth transition to your new office is to know exactly what you’re taking and where you want it. We offer packing services, but many of our customers pack all but the largest items themselves for easier organizing and unpacking. We recommend creating a list of everything you’re taking with you for an easy checklist during unpacking and a simple way to check that you didn’t leave anything behind before loading.

2. Create a Personal Bag

For the smoothest start at your new office, not everything you’re moving should go in the moving truck. We recommend creating a portable bag with everything you want available immediately after arrival or might need along the way.

This should include any important documents or sensitive materials, portable electronics, anything fragile or sentimental that you don’t want in a truck with heavy boxes, and a small set of basic supplies office personnel might need immediately, like stationery and writing implements. This bag should be light enough to carry easily to and from the office and small enough to fit in a car or be carried on public transportation.

3. Know Your New Office Space

Understanding the space you’ll be working in is the best way to hit the ground running and organize the space effectively once everything is unpacked. If you’re moving alone, we recommend calling ahead to arrange a tour of the new workspace. If you’re moving as part of a business-wide office move, it’s ideal for the business owner or manager to arrange a group tour for a smooth transition.

When moving to a smaller workspace, it’s common for people to pack too heavily and wind up with an overstuffed office. An in-person or virtual visit is the best way to create a comfortable and functional new workspace.

4. Prepare for Moving Sensitive Equipment

If you’re in a tech-heavy field and moving valuable computers that house company data, we recommend consulting with your company’s IT department early to plan for packing. Our office movers pride themselves on transporting all items safely, but fragile electronic equipment often needs pre-moving prep from the people who know the equipment best. Our packers can help with packing heavy hard drives and central computers when our clients present us with a plan for transporting them safely.

5. Set Up the New Office

Nothing slows a business to a crawl like a new office that isn’t set up for working, and the best way to avoid that is by early contact with the new building managers. The first order of business should be to set up a change of address form for mail and utilities and internet service at the new office. We offer storage for clients who need more time to hit the ground running, but many of our clients unpack and are back to work the same day as the move.

6. Create a Setup Checklist

Whether you’re moving a home or an office, unpacking everything and setting up can be overwhelming if you don’t have a plan of action. The best way to avoid moving day stress is to know what you’re doing when you arrive, what order you’re unpacking things, and what you want to get done the first day. Creating a checklist for setting up your new office takes the guesswork out of setting up an office, and if you’re moving as part of a group, we recommend coordinating it with everyone involved.

If you have your setup checklist before the movers arrive, our team of professionals can prioritize the items you want to focus on and make sure they’re easily accessible upon arrival.

Moving an Office Is Easier Than Ever

We know professionals don’t want to miss a minute of potential business, so setting up a new office fast and accurately is important. Contact Family Movers Express for more information on our services or to set up your office move today.

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