Not All Affordable Movers Are the Same: Go With Experience

You’re finally ready to relocate, whether it’s to a new street, new neighborhood, or new state. Now you need to pack, but you’re not sure where to start. Rather than try to go it alone, hire a team of affordable movers with years of experience. They can provide the guidance you need and even pack, move, and unpack your belongings for the most stress-free experience possible.

Not All Affordable Movers Are the Same: Go With Experience

Professional movers are trained in the proper techniques to handle furniture, appliances, and personal items with ease. This means they acquire practical experience before taking their first job, and that knowledge only continues to build. Smaller items are boxed with care, and larger pieces are expertly maneuvered out of your current living place and into your new home.

From start to finish, experience makes for a fast, seamless relocation experience that even the most carefully considered DIY efforts cannot match. The reason is simple: practice makes perfect. In addition to training, experienced movers learn tricks of the trade that help them overcome routine obstacles like:

  • Steering a large couch around tight corners or up narrow flights of stairs
  • Lifting and carrying a grand piano with ease
  • Maximizing the moving truck’s space like it was a tile-matching puzzle

You Can Count on Them Being There

An experienced moving company has worked hard to establish their reputation, and they know the best way to serve customers is with transparent policies and reliable employees. You won’t have to worry about missing crucial deadlines, like being out of your current house by a certain date, or losing items that have been in your family for generations.

A Greater Level of Service

An established company will also be licensed, bonded, and insured. These traits make a real impact on the level of service provided. Having a license means the company is legally approved to conduct business, while bonding guarantees the company will perform the work they’re hired to do. Finally, having insurance provides you with peace of mind; if any of your items are broken or damaged during the move, you will receive compensation.

A moving company just getting started may be apt to make rookie mistakes, such as scheduling errors or cutting corners when training staff. And they may lack the credentials that ensure excellent work. This is where experience becomes key, and you should put it to work for you.

Safety Comes First and Foremost

Moving day can be chaotic, to say the least. With experienced movers on your side, you can reduce some of the confusion and safeguard yourself, your family, and your valuable possessions.

For instance, while lifting and carrying heavy items, professional movers employ techniques that reduce the risk of injury. They have the physical strength to do the job in an efficient manner. And they use proper moving equipment like two- and four-wheel dollies to assist with moving large, awkward pieces.

High-Quality Packing Supplies

An area where experience really counts is in supplies. Again, novice movers may forget these crucial components altogether. But experienced professionals will have more than enough durable supplies to cushion small items and keep you organized. These include:

  • Bubble wrap
  • Packing tape
  • Wrapping paper
  • Checklists
  • Thick moving boxes

Careful Treatment of Your Home

The last thing you want is a group of lax movers who damage the walls, ceilings, and floors of your new home before you’ve even had time to enjoy it. Experienced professionals not only pack and handle your belongings with care, but they also pay attention to their surroundings. This means:

  • Ensuring large items can pass safely through openings
  • Watching tight corners and using furniture pads as necessary
  • Using clean equipment that won’t damage floors
  • Being respectful of your home at all times

Less Work for You

During a move, you have much more to think about than packing. You must put utility bills into your name, forward your mail, schedule cable and Internet service providers, grocery shop, clean – should we go on? You need a moving company that partners with you to get work done: work like packing and unpacking, so you can focus on the small details of putting your new home together.

Affordable movers shouldn’t compromise on the quality of their work. Instead, they should move thoughtfully and efficiently to complete your moving job. Don’t take chances with what matters most to you – choose an experienced team that offers a full suite of services to meet all your needs. Get your free quote today by contacting Family Movers Express.