What the Term “Flat Rate Movers” Really Means and What You Can Expect From Our Services

When you’re moving your house or office, we know you want the terms to be clear and reliable, with no surprises when you unpack your belongings. Too many people have been greeted by a larger bill than they expected when they arrive due to delays along the way, which is why more people are turning to flat rate movers for their moving needs. We’re Family Movers Express, a moving company offering local and long-distance moves in the Raleigh-Durham and Orlando areas.

What Is Meant By the Term Flat Rate Movers? And What Can You Expect From Our Services?

What Is a Flat Rate Moving Company?

When you work with an hourly moving company, you’re at the mercy of elements out of you and the movers’ control. A traffic jam, car accident, or bad weather can delay a moving truck and leave you with a much bigger bill than you expected. This can wreak havoc on a budget when moving can be financially stressful on its own.

With a flat rate moving company, your bill is determined before the move based on the weight of items you want moved and the length of the move. That makes flat rate movers a smarter choice for those making long-distance moves where the road ahead is unfamiliar and unexpected delays could happen along the way.

Long-Distance and Local Moving Services

Family Moving Express has offices in both the Raleigh-Durham and Orlando metro areas and offers local moving services within these cities. Our experienced drivers have the cities mapped and are highly rated for local home and office moves that can have you set up in your new location after a same-day move. Our local move range is wide, and we offer our full menu of services for regional moves.

For long-distance moves, we have one of the widest ranges of any company on the east coast. From our bases in North Carolina and Florida, we can reach as far north as Boston. We serve top locations, including Washington DC, New York City, Philadelphia, Atlanta, Chicago, and Miami.

Thirty-Day Free Storage

If your new home or office isn’t ready for all your belongings yet or you don’t want to transport everything in the same trip, we have you covered with our free storage. We have state-of-the-art, climate-controlled storage vaults that protect your belongings until you’re ready to move them in. Your belongings will stay protected and packed during their stay, and we offer up to a month of free storage with our moving services.

Packing Services

The best way to get a good start at your new home and office is to have everything packed and organized before you move in, but we know all about time crunches. If you don’t have time to pack your belongings before the move, we offer packing services that will give you professional protection and the best materials. We’ll pack your items in reinforced boxes with protective gear, including shrink wrap, bubble wrap, and moving blankets to ensure your fragile items make it safely to their destination.

Loading and Unloading

One of the biggest hazards of moving day is loading those heavy boxes into a car or moving truck, which can be dangerous for an inexperienced mover. When you work with us, you stay safe while we handle the heavy labor. We come equipped with moving carts and other tools to make transporting your heaviest items in and out of the van easy.

Office and Group Moving

When a business is moving its operation and packing up dozens of offices, organizing the move effectively is key to ensuring business runs smoothly and resumes fast. Our organized teams of movers can handle a large job and pack up each office individually, ensuring an easy unpacking and setup at your new location. We’ll coordinate with your IT team to make sure all your sensitive information and technology arrives at its new home securely and protected from damage on the road.

Let a Flat Rate Moving Company Take the Guesswork Out of Moving

If you’re planning a long-distance move to another state or moving a large office group, working with flat rate movers guarantees stable pricing and easy setup at your new home. If you need free storage or packing and loading help, our full-service movers are at your disposal. Contact Family Movers Express for details on our services or to set up your move today.

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